Social Networking

When I go to my Google+ page, I have hundreds of posts related to my interests, I have book, game, and movie recommendations, the advertisements are spot on to my interests.   It's a very positive experience.

On the other hand, when I go to Facebook, it's filled with vitriol of politics, hate filled posts aimed at one another with the irony of they are supposedly friends and family.   On top of that, the advertisements are totally unrelated to me and often just spam or scams.

I'm not sure if the popularity shifted if Google+ would be any different, people, seemingly on average, suck.  When online treat others like crap with a lack of manners and respect that they probably wouldn't in person.

While I recognize Google would rather Google+ usurp Facebook in popularity, if it means that it turns into the same cesspool, then I'd rather it remain as it is, a pleasant social network on the net.   Unfortunately, that probably won't keep it around...


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