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Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a FoundryVTT server.

  Note: My Amazon links do not have any affiliate IDs associated and I don't benefit from you clicking them, buying through them, etc.   They're provided only for convienence. I wanted a new project just to keep busy and read about the new Foundry VTT  and self hosting options.   I've wanted to play around with Raspberry Pi and my project was decided.    I would setup a Raspberry Pi running Foundry VTT and learn how to use Foundry VTT. The first thing I did was research the recent releases of Raspberry Pi boards, and the various vendors that sold them and kits.   After some research, I settled on a Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Basic Start Kit .   This included the Raspberry Pi Model 4b with 4GB of RAM, a case, cables, heat syncs and a fan.  It did not have a MicroSD card for the OS, but I already had one of those. Putting it all together in the case, sticking on the heat syncs, and so forth, was ridiculously easy.   I think I it took me all of 20 minutes and that was because I was

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