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The failure of the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy RPG doesn't necessarily mean the end of GURPs, it was created as a separate system.   However, it's probably more a symptom of declining player base and the problem I face finding groups that want to play GURPS.   I haven't been able to get a regular game of it going for a number of years now.

Then again, I've been having trouble finding a regular group to play anything lately.   I have a fairly large RPG collection.  I'm starting to get the idea it's time to make life simpler and settle on the few games I have played and like.   That got me thinking, what games do I like to play, and what games do I like to GM?

Thinking of the games I've played and like, in no particular order, I can narrow down my selection to various editions of D&D, Pathfinder, Castle and Crusades, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition, Savage Worlds, GURPS.   I thought of the things that were important to me in gaming and shortened the list.   Added  couple that I thought I might like to play and came up with a chart:

WeightSavage WorldsGURPSD&D 5eCastles and CrusadesBRPD6
Point Based Character Stats2x2x200x2x2
Quick Character Creation1xx
Short Game Prep2x200x200
Rules Light2x200x200
Detailed Spell System10x1x1x1x1x1
Detailed Skill System10x100x1x1
Played it?1x1x1x1x100
GM'd It?1x1x1x1x100
Like The Game2x2x2x2x200
LIke Playing the Game?1xxx
Like GM'ing the Game?2xxx
Fast Combat1x100x100
Physical Product1x1x1x1x1x10

I weighted my requirements for the preference and eliminated any feature that elicited a 0 or negative value wanting to focus on the things I'm looking for versus the things I'm not. Then for each system, I checked the preference the system met, leaving blank anything I didn't know or was uncertain.   THe formula for calculating the rank was based on the weights of the preference.

It wasn't surprising that BRP and D6 didn't rate very high, they are unknown, but I figured I'd throw them in since they seem widely recommended.    I was somewhat surprised that D&D 5e didn't rate higher, as I like what they've done for the system.   It wasn't a surprise that Savage Worlds and GURPS were in the top three, Castle and Crusades somewhat was though. 

Savage Worlds, Castles and Crusades, GURPS are the top three systems I own and like in order of meeting my gaming preferences.

I am both a collector of RPGs and a player.   My collection is made up of systems that peaked my interest, impulse buys, systems friends were GMing, as well as a few that friends convinced me to GM.  For systems I want to play, I approach with GMing in mind and spent a lot of time evaluating criticisms and praise, reviews, previews, and such.   These ended up being the top three systems.

What have I learned?   That this exercise was unnecessary if I gave the previous paragraph any thought before I started.   Several years ago, I don't remember what year, but probably more than 10 years, I decided Savage Worlds was a system I wanted to GM.   It wasn't easy to find, indeed, I came upon it during a vacation in Hershey, PA.  Heard there was a game store in Philidelphia that carried it...only 2 hours away.

The value of this exercise was re-confirming my favorite game system to GM and play.   Now, it has a few warts that prompted this rambling post.   I think I can shave them off, but that's for another post. 


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