GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Part Duex

After all receiving the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy boxed set from SJGames', I was quite excited both to see GURPS getting some more support and because it's pretty cool.   The downside was that soon afterwards, they announced that it was failure in their Stakeholder's Report.   Comments from staff online indicated that it's sales would affect the support of GURPS, and were generally very gloomy about the whole thing.    For all intents and purposes, the game sounded like the game was dead to them.   Not to say support of Dungeon Fantasy (the PDF line) or online support of GURPS as a whole was dead, although to many, it certainly felt that way.

Since then, they've backed off the Eeyore like rhetoric, and launched a Kickstarter for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters book, added their PDFs to OneBookShelf, and added POD via Amazon., and allowed third party support via Gaming Ballistic.   

The kickstarter was successfully funded and while I expect it will not be considered a success (they are a gloomy lot), it at least seems they've found a way to support GURPs via Crowdfunding.  Hopefully, they can avoid "...being so very late, costing more to produce than is healthy, and requiring so much of our upper management team's time and sleep" from lessons learned and be successful with it.   Time will tell.

I did my part and supported both SJGames' kickstarter and Gaming Balistics' kickstarter.   Looking foward to some GURPS goodness.   


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