GURPS Releases in Print!

While 2016 has been a rough year for politics, celebrity death, and economy, there was a light that cast out with the launch of the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy KickStarter, followed by POD (Print on Demand) releases of through Amazon CreateSpace (can buy via Amazon or CreateSpace itself) of three different titles: Ultra-TechThaumatology, and Magic.   Finally, two printed volumes were also released, Discworld and Mars Attacks.

At one point, GURPS was my go to system for roleplaying games.   Several life events have changed my gaming and while I likely won't get a chance to play GURPS, I went ahead and pre-ordered the two books (I already have the initial releases of the POD boos, so won't be getting them) and picked them up today.

I'm quite pleased to see GURPS get some life this year.  Hopefully their experiment opens the doors for more GURPS fun in 2017.


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