Roll20 and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

Been working on setting up Roll20 to play Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS.  I have the pregens provided with the GM Screen all created using the GURPS Character sheet, been creating the maps for the adventures.

Next I spent some time creating tokens for the encounters.   Because I have a pro account, I have access to a lot of the token sets available, however, I am finding I prefer the Pog like tokens for a number of reasons.

  1. Sometimes the tabletop in Roll20 gets treated more like a video game than an RP session, and the players think they can run all over the map.   Dynamic lighting and Fog of War help with this, but still, the top down look still gets them to try.
  2. I do like the nicer battle maps and with the standard top down view tokens, they can get lost in the map at times, making it difficult for players to find their character.
  3. I can easily make them

I use four tools,

  • RPTOOLs TokenTool
  • PNGGauntlet to compress the final png file
  • Paint.Net because I occasionally needed to tweek the token or the image before using it in TokenTool
  • A web browser to find artwork 

I then create a page for each encounter area for the included adventures.   I like to keep smaller encounter maps when possible as I have 27" monitors and I've found what looks great to me means the player may have to scroll all over the place to find their token.   As much as possible, I try to keep them the default size of 25x25, but that is not always feasibly.

I'm using a Hex(H) type grid and I turned of Fog of War, and won't touch the Advanced Fog of War, that would result in the whole video game like running around incident again.I do use Dynamic Lighting with global illumination off.  Then I outline the map with the polygon tool and it be default should keep everything not map blank.

What I have left to do is 
  1. Create character sheets for each of the creatures (I generally leave them mostly blank unless they are an important NPC.  Having a character sheet allows me to just drag the name to the map and the icon will do that, the next step is important
  2. I put a token on the map, size it appropriate
  3. For characters and Import NPCs, I configure the token and assign it to the character in question, this allows me to set any of the status indicators to match attributes in the character sheet.   I don't bother doing this with unimportant NPCs
  4. Going back to the character sheet, on the Bio page edit screen, there's a Use this Token, select the token and viola, now when I drag the "character" from the character list, it will put the token down.   I did the same for the delvers.
Once all that is done, I need to create the handouts that set any house rules, expectations, knowledge, etc.   

For some of the often referenced rules, creating handouts detailing them will help look them up online as well.

Finally, mood music attached to map load, etc.

Okay, finally would be finding someone who wants to play.


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